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The causes and solutions for loneliness and social isolation are as varied as we are. There are many more ways out that can be included in a single film. Here are the "Loneliness Life Hacks" that we discovered on our own journeys.



Loneliness Life Hacks:


Maintaining a positive outlook 

Reaching out to others early when feeling lonely

Acceptance of one's life circumstances or situation

Telling others you are feeling lonely today

Motivating yourself to "move"- change settings that keep you isolated

Caring for an animal

Stepping outside your comfort zone- trying something new

Expressing gratitude 

Connecting with nature 

Seeking out like-minded people 

Performing acts of kindness 
Developing close friendships with at least 3 people



Contributors to social isolation that are part of our stories: 


Minority Stress

Family Estrangement 

Feeling "othered" 

Relocating often 

Childhood bullying 

Major life changes 

Financial inequity

Feeling less safe to go out- living in high crime areas

Becoming a parent

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